Adult Students in Muskegon County



Adult education provides an opportunity for mature students to achieve education levels equivalent to those of current high-school graduates.  Information on area programs that offer high school completion, GED preparation and testing and post-secondary enrollment options are available throughout the county. Contact your local district for more details!

For more information regarding adult education offerings in Muskegon County, please visit the MAISD website!


For more information on student checklists, please visit the Federal Student Aid website!

Or, download a brochure here: College Preparation Checklist




Recently at the NCAN conference in Nashville, we learned about Country Music Television’s campaign to reach adult learners.  CMT Empowering Education’s goal is to connect adult learners with ways to further their education and develop their skills in order to achieve their dreams.

CMT EMPOWERING EDUCATION is a comprehensive educational campaign that provides an online resource, CMTEMPOWERINGEDUCATION.COM, to aid CMT viewers in overcoming the most commonly perceived obstacles to furthering education. The site aggregates the multitude of existing, quality information, in one easy-to-navigate, central location, and creates an individualized education action plan for each user.

CMT EMPOWERING EDUCATION is founded on the same education research and insights that led to the creation of Get Schooled, a non-profit organization dedicated to using media, technology, and popular culture to improve attendance. Get Schooled was formed through a partnership between Viacom and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Advising partners for the CMT Empowering Education campaign include Achieving the Dream; Alltuition; Association of Career & Technical Education; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Center for Workforce & Economic Development; American Association of Community Colleges; National Skills Coalition and Skills for America’s Future, The Aspen Institute pornskill raven futa.

The campaign states “Every man, woman and child can have a more fulfilling and rewarding life by pursuing education after high school. This could be by taking a few courses to gain a certificate, pursuing a two year degree, or going to a four year college. There are many great options out there and one that will work for you. We know that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, so we created CMT Empowering Education to help guide you through the process. We’ve partnered with experts and sifted through all the clutter to help you create a personalized plan of action based on financial needs. It’s as easy as taking these four steps:

1. Get Inspired

2. Remove Roadblocks

3. Create a Plan

4. Take Action

If the description and 4 Steps of this campaign seem familiar (think KnowHow2GO), that’s because CMT and their parent company Viacom have been very in-tune with the KnowHow2Go campaign for high schoolers!