Future Center at the MACTC







There are thousands of intelligent, hard-working students facing the most intimidating life choices every year. One intimidating choice can effects both their future career, and their college enrollment. What is it? – Many students think high quality careers, and the college options to get there, just aren’t possible. Yet, our new global economy demands a workforce with an education beyond high school. The MAISD in collaboration with the MACTC, Muskegon Opportunity and the Muskegon Area Promise are working to change that. We’re working to make a postsecondary degree possible. Degrees that lead to high demand, high wage careers for ALL Muskegon County students!

A unique and new, three-pillared approach for career and college success, is on its way to being recognized statewide for its effectiveness! Pillars guided by student decisions, collaborative action and countywide resources all in one innovative hub.  Purposeful and successful exploration that include strategic “touchpoints” of opportunity, allow students to understand and manage a successful career and college path leading to a realistic quality post-secondary credential.

The approach…. Introducing Muskegon’s first ever Future Center!

Future Centers are powerful platforms for collaborative innovation that help users transform their reality.  The Future Center at the MACTC is an innovation lab for our students’ minds! As a working “model” for our county, the new Future Center is home to an exciting and diverse alliance of pioneering people and organizations that believe “the best way to understand the future, is to help create it!” A ONE, TWO, THREE punch in the art and practice of shaping the future of Muskegon area students!

ONE: Comprehensive Counseling Working proactively with all juniors and seniors enrolled within the MACTC location.  The Future Center’s counseling capacity is staffed by a full-time certified Michigan School Counselor who guides students through career and college DECISIONS. 

TWO: College Access County-wide collaborative action and foundational strategies in partnership with the Local College Access Network, is the center pillar to the Future Centers work!  Additionally, work is being done to award scholarships to all eligible Muskegon County graduates attending college or technical school in Muskegon. The Future Center at the MACTC is home to the College Access Specialist, Coordinator of Muskegon Opportunity and the new Muskegon Area Promise Scholarship. Countywide resources and information are available in two effective areas working to create long term sustainable change.  These COLLABORATIVE ACTION areas are outlined in partnerships at up to 16 local high schools.

THREE: Career Preparation The Future Center at the MACTC is also the home to the MAISD County Careers Coordinator, and (3) Career Specialists. COUNTYWIDE RESOURCES and information are available to local staff and students providing best practice in career exploration, exposure and preparation. Beginning in September 2017, Muskegon Made Career Development initiatives implemented by local Career Specialists will provide students touch-points of opportunities in grades 4-12!