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Dear friends and supporters of Muskegon County students,

In 2006, a small group of people from throughout Muskegon County gathered to explore the idea of offering a scholarship program (similar to the Kalamazoo Promise) to high-school graduates in Muskegon County. After three years of intense discussion and hard work, this group comprised of business and industry, education, government, nonprofit and economic development interests has developed a model that is germane to Muskegon.

In June 2008, the group and constituent K-12 superintendents unanimously endorsed a statement of intent that addresses this process and approved launching the program. Now, the challenge is upon us.

Every one of us in Muskegon County should be actively involved in the sustainability of our region. In days past, the West Michigan job market offered a good living without college or even a full high school education. Today we live in a globally-oriented, knowledge driven world where 53% of of job postings require a certificate, Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree. By 2025, this number is projected to rise to 64%

Of Muskegon’s current workforce, only 31% have these types of post high school credentials.

Is this acceptable to you? Can we honestly boost the economic and community development of our region without raising those numbers? We must rally together to ensure the sustainability of Muskegon County.

Please consider a pledge to this initiative that promises to raise the level of education in our community. Together we must think boldly and creatively and be willing to challenge our community to consider the importance of our mission to ensure not only the success of Muskegon Opportunity but also the prosperity of our community. Your support will help us do that.

For more information about our programs, services and resources AND to find out how your generous gift would be used, please call Megan Byard Karaba, College Access Specialist – MAISD, at 231-767-3623 or e-mail at

With sincere gratitude,

Muskegon Opportunity Executive Leadership Committee

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