Local District Planning and Goal Setting



Muskegon Opportunity, an academic service program of the Muskegon Area Intermediate School district, offers tools for local districts to use in determining post-secondary transition goals within their local school improvement reporting requirements and/or strategic plans. Using the new ASSIST platform, districts are offered the opportunity to include such goal(s) as College Enrollment within their local plans in collaboration with Muskegon Opportunity! 

District planning tools and resources for school improvement and reporting include, but are not limited to:

1) DIP/SIP planning tools – AdvancED ASSIST template

2) Reach Higher High School Grant Consultation and Partnership

3) College Board Advocacy, Policy Resources and Professional Development Resources! Explore tool-kits for principals and school leaders to help raise student achievement and promote college and career readiness

4) County Dashboard and Statistics (individualized dashboards available upon request from district officials)

5) K-12 suggested college readiness, access, and success mapping

6) Connection and recommendation for staff development pertaining to college and career readiness, access and success

7) Collaboration with National College Adviser peer to peer mentoring via partnering universities in Michigan. Districts with trained College Advisers placed within Muskegon County for 2017-18 include: Holton, Montague, Muskegon,  Muskegon Heights PSA, Oakridge, Orchard View and Reeths Puffer.

8) College Positive Volunteer connections serving youth in each district

9) FAFSA and TIP Initiative and Partnership via the State Department of Treasury

10) Collaboration and consultation with U-Aspire Inc. for financial readiness opportunity and professional learning