LCAN Services and Programs

Academic Readiness

SAT and Academic Prep Resources

Muskegon Opportunity in collaboration with our local NCAC College Advisers and a grant from the Youth Advisory Council of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County, offers resources for students looking to prepare for the ACT exam.  Resources are limited and may be borrowed up to 4 weeks through a request via their High School Guidance Counselor using the MediaNet electronic portal of the MAISD. Additionally, in collaboration with College Board, the MAISD and local districts also are offered resources in preparation for the new SAT statewide exam for all Junior level students (11th grade).


Financial Readiness

College Cash Campaign

Muskegon Opportunity participates annually in several statewide initiatives organized with the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) on  Starting in 2015, the College Cash Campaign was added to the suite of such initiatives offered. While FAFSA completion is only one step in the college-going process, it is the only way for students to unlock their access to federal loans and grants, statewide scholarships and grants, and often institutional and community based scholarships and grants.  College Cash Campaign is now part of, and begins with, the launch of Michigan College Month every fall! Districts are encouraged to participate in this annual campaign and not only help Michigan, but also Muskegon County launch a statewide campaign around FAFSA completion!

FAFSA Completion and TIP – screening and eligibility

In a rather welcome effort, Student Scholarships and Grants (SSG) has created a Web portal, MiSSG, for high school counselors specifically! In MiSSG, users will be able to view records for students currently attending their high school. Users with access can view who has completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and coming soon, users will also be able to view students eligible for the Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) which will include the status of their TIP application. We have come a long way in just a few short years and Muskegon Opportunity is confident this will be a great tool for us all!

Muskegon Area Promise

The Muskegon Area Promise makes a unique commitment to the young people of our community – if they work hard they will be able to earn at least a two-year college degree tuition free. The Promise Scholarship is an award promised to resident graduates of high schools within the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District boundaries. It provides the financial assistance necessary to obtain a two-year degree or its equivalent at an eligible partnering institution when used in conjunction with federal, state and institutional grants. The Promise Scholarship will promote post-secondary education and prepare students for future success in college and career choices.

u-Aspire – Partnership in Financial Readiness

As part of our LCAN’s Continuous Improvement model in collaborating to prepare students to become financially ready for post-secondary study, Muskegon Opportunity has recently partnered with the nationally renowned u-Aspire in hopes to share over 30 years of college affordability expertise with area counselors, administrators and families!

u-Aspire works to ensure that all young people have the financial information and resources necessary to find an affordable path to – and through – post secondary education. u-Aspire partners with high schools, community organizations and colleges to provide college affordability advice to more than 10,000 young people and their families every year! Through its work, college ready students have the support and knowledge they need to over come financial barriers and succeed in college.

Financial Avenue #KNOWL

Muskegon Opportunity welcomes you to Financial Avenue, home of the Knowl. He’s an owl with a wealth of money knowledge. Next to eating field mice, there’s nothing the Knowl likes better than helping students – and anybody really – get smarter about money. So explore the site, take some courses, read some tips and share the Knowl with anyone who needs a little money knowledge!


College Enrollment

KnowHow2Go Fall Road Show

Muskegon Opportunity presents its KH2G Fall Road Show to the juniors at almost every high school in the county. The Road Show is an interactive presentation that aims to give students information about post-secondary education from the earning power of various degrees to the types of Hot jobs available with those credentials. The show also discusses financial aid programs and scholarships and gives students basic steps to take as they get ready for the program of their choice.


Local District Planning and Goal Setting

Muskegon Opportunity offers tools for local districts to use in determining post-secondary transition goals within their local school improvement reporting requirements and/or strategic plans. Using the new ASSIST platform, districts are offered the opportunity to include such goal(s) as College Enrollment within their local plans in collaboration with Muskegon Opportunity. Within these local plans, encouragement of students to pursue/enroll into post-secondary and technical education courses of their choice. Transitional activities such as; College Positive Campuses, EDP completion, KnowHow2Go (KH2G) messaging exposure, Mentoring for students, Career Exploration, College Applications and Financial Aid/Awards are available.

Career Development and Training

Our new global economy demands a workforce with an education beyond high school.   In order to build and sustain a vibrant economy and healthy educational community, the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD), Muskegon Area Career Tech Center (MACTC) and Muskegon Opportunity – the Local College Access Network (LCAN) strive to ensure that all students begin and complete a meaningful EDP that is understood and managed for successful career and college planning leading to a quality post-secondary credential.  Local districts develop Educational Development Plans (EDP) for all youth in order for them to understand their skills, values, career choices and college training options.  A county-wide portal system (Career Cruising for K-12) offers students, parents, counselors and adult learners easy-to-use web based, personalized tools to ensure that each step in the process of career exploration and applying for college is successful.

College Decision Day

Muskegon Opportunity participates annually in the statewide initiative titled Michigan College Decision Day. The goal of College Decision Day is to recognize high school seniors for their post-secondary plans and encourage younger students and families to prepare early for post-secondary education.  College Decision Day is held annually on or around May 1 and is designed to coincide with the date that most seniors must inform a college of their plans to enroll.  All of the local schools in Muskegon County are invited to participate as Host Sites celebrating thousands of college and career decisions annually!

Michigan College Month

Muskegon Opportunity participates annually in the statewide initiative titled Michigan College Month (formerly College Application Week).  The goal of the month long campaign is to ensure every graduating high school senior completes at least one college application, AND applies for financial aid using the FAFSA application.  A special focus is placed on students who would be the first in their families to attend, low-income students, or students who may not have otherwise considered applying.  Nearly all the local schools in the county participate as Host Sites securing upwards of 1,600 college applications annually!


College Aspirations

Future Center at the MACTC 

A unique and new, three-pillared approach for career and college success, is on its way to being recognized statewide for its effectiveness! Pillars guided by student decisions, collaborative action and countywide resources all in one innovative hub.  Purposeful and successful exploration that include strategic “touchpoints” of opportunity, allow students to understand and manage a successful career and college path leading to a realistic quality post-secondary credential.

The approach…. Introducing Muskegon’s first Future Center! Future Centers are powerful platforms for collaborative innovation that help users transform their reality.  The Future Center at the MACTC is an innovation lab for our students’ minds! As a working “model” for our county, the future is home to an exciting and diverse alliance of pioneering people and organizations that believe “the best way to understand the future, is to help create it!” A ONE, TWO, THREE punch in the art and practice of shaping the future of Muskegon area students!


Pre-College and Career Experiences

Pre-college and career experiences allow high school students to test drive career options and college life, discover new interests, and find college opportunities that best fit their needs. Attending the RIGHT pre-college and career program can set the foundation for a successful college search or career adventure! Muskegon Opportunity works to track, plan, and monitor all pre-college career program offerings in each of our local districts.


College Persistence

College Success Activities – Promise Zone Scholarship recipients

TBD – under development!


Degree Completion

TBD – under development!