Muskegon Opportunity has compiled a number of local, regional and even statewide resources for students and their families, partnering schools, partnering colleges and universities and community residents alike.  The following resources all work to create a consistent message for our community in the methods of how to Start, Stay and Succeed in college.

Currently our focus is in resources that make a collective impact county-wide in the areas of:

Increasing College Culture/Aspirations  and Increasing Financial Readiness

We invite you to browse through these links, print off any documents that might be useful and of course contact us if you have any questions!


College Aspirations and Career Exploration


Financial Readiness

Notes:  Students and families have more tools than ever to decipher scholarship options, college prices and financial aid. Three important pieces of advice come to mind:

Students who are looking to finance their education by using available national scholarships that are offered throughout the US, may notice there is no shortage of information about the numerous scholarships available to them. In the course of’s research, a common pain point among students was finding tools to sort through all the available scholarships to find those that would be most applicable to their situation. As a result, over 200 hours researching 17 of the most popular scholarship search platforms that are currently available was conducted. Analyzed and audited using five core metrics to identify key functionality, research tools, and useful student resources… the results can be found here: – Best Scholarship Search Platforms 

College websites are required by law to have net-price calculators, to help people estimate what they would really pay, rather than relying on inflated sticker prices.

The government’s own College Navigator provides a range of information on each institution, including costs.


Muskegon Opportunity and Community Engagement

Reverse Transfer Degree Opportunity!



Military/Armed Forces


From our archived College Access Workshops

*Note: Archived materials may be outdated.  Below items are for reference only.  As new resources become available, updates will be shared. 



Do you know of other helpful college planning and college readiness resources that should be included in our list? We welcome your suggestions!